Irregular Hip

Major Side Roof Pitch
Minor Side Roof Pitch
Major Side Roof Span
(building width-ridge thickness)/2
Hip Thickness On Center Spacing
Major Side Plan Angle

The Plan angles are also the cheek cut bevels for both the Jacks and the Hip.
Minor Side Plan Angle
Major Side Pitch Angle

pitch angle of the Major side.
Minor Side Pitch Angle

pitch angle of the Minor roof.
Major Side Difference
Majordiff = (tan(majplanangle)/cos(majpitchangle))* OCspace
Minor Side Difference(Step)
Amount each jack is shortened to land at the next on center layout along the hip
Major Side Ply Angle
majplyangl= atan(tan(majplanangle) /cos(majpitchangle))
Minor Side Ply Angle
Plywood Sheathing Cut Major Side
majPlySheathCut = 48 / tan(minplyangle)
Plywood Sheathing Cut Minor Side
Amount to measure back from top corner of sheet to chalk cut line. This creates the Ply Angle from above
Hip Seat Cut Angle
Seatcut = 90 - HipAngle
Angle of Hip
HipAngle = atan(cos(majplanangle)* tan(minpitchangle))
Backing Angle Major Side
majBackAngle = atan(sin(HipAngle) / tan(minplanangle))
Backing Angle Minor Side
Bevel to rip along edge of hip to have it plane with the sheathing
Hip Drop Major Side
HipDrop = tan(BackingAngle)* 1/2 hip thickness
Hip Drop Minor Side
If the hip is not backed this is the amount to lower the seatcut of the hip to have the corner edge of the hip plane in with the sheathing
Common Rafter LL Major Side
majLL = (majspan * majLLratio)
Common Rafter LL Minor Side
minLL = rise / sin(minpitchangle)
Hip Line Length
hiplength = rise /sin(HipAngle)
Minor Roof Span
minspan = minLL * (sqrt(1-(rise*rise)/(minLL * minLL)))
This is the distance from the end of the ridge to the building line
Bevel on Sleeper in Blind Valley